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Academic Enrichment and Intervention

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Academic Enrichment
Nash Central Middle School offers many opportunities through both core academic subjects and electives as well as clubs and other activities. 
Compacted Math / Math I
The Compacted Match curricula offer course covering standards both at and above a student's current grade level.  Taking Compacted Math courses puts students on track to take Common Core Math I in 8th grade.  Math I incorporates standards from the Integrated Math I high school course, and counts as a Math credit toward high school graduation.  
*High School Mathematics courses taken and successfully completed in Middle School will count as credit toward high school graduation. However, the grade will not contribute to the student’s GPA.
World History
The World History Course addresses six periods in the study of World History, with a key focus of study from the mid-15th century to the present. Students develop relevant understandings of current world issues and relate them to their historical, political, economic, geographical and cultural contexts. As students examine the historical roots of significant events, ideas, movements, and phenomena, they encounter the contributions and patterns of civilizations of the past and societies around the world. Students taking this course will broaden their historical perspectives as they explore ways societies have dealt with continuity and change, exemplified by concepts such as civilization, revolution, government, economics, war, stability, movement, technology, etc. World History provides the foundation that enable students to acquire knowledge which will be used in the study of Civics and Economics and American History.
*This course fulfills the North Carolina high school graduation requirement for World History. 
AIG Program
The Nash-Rocky Mount Public School System's Academically or Intellectually Gifted Education Program is a part of a continuum of services that promotes and supports the academic achievement of all students while emphasizing appropriate educational opportunities for the academically or intellectually gifted child.
This class develops skills in tone production, breath support, and music reading. Students are introduced to performance skills and techniques. They are encouraged to perform as individuals and as members of an ensemble. Students should anticipate some after-school practices and evening performances.
Nash Central Middle School offers many clubs and other enrichment activities, including Quiz Bowl, Battle of the Books, and STEM Club.  For more information on Clubs, visit our Clubs page. 

Nash Central Middle School utilizes problem-solving teams to analyze student data and deliver specialized behavior and academic interventions to students with unique needs.